San Francisco Tours

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Shuttle ToursSan Francisco Shuttle Tours
San Francisco Shuttle Tour is the best tour of San Francisco! Mostly because it uses a Separate Tour Guide from driver, but also because they make the most stops than any other comparable tour. They make 9 off-the-shuttle stops, plus they include a Ferry / Bay Cruise as part of the tour that goes right by Alcatraz Island. This is the only tour that uses the great ferry system that they use that goes to and from the famous Ferry Building. We recommend this tour highly. Tour highlights include: Ferry Building, Guided Walk through Chinatown, Lombard Street (downhill walk), Nob Hill (Guided walk), Grace Cathedral (go-inside!), Fortune Cookie Factory, The Cable Car Barn Museum (actual working cable car station), Alamo Square Park (Famous Victorians), Palace of Fine Arts, The Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, and finally a 25-minute Ferry Bay Cruise that goes right by Alcatraz Island to finish off the tour. Highest rated fully guided tour in San Francisco!

Highest RatedGolden Gate BridgeFerryPalace of Fine Arts

Wine Country Tours

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Book NowNapa Experience Tour
The Napa Exerience Tour by the Wine Country Tour Shuttle is the Most Comprehensive Napa Valley Winery Tour from San Francisco! This tour provides many great unique features such as 4 Premium Napa Winery Stops, Goes into the heart of Napa Valley - - not just nearby, Picnic Lunch, Winery Tours and the best part - - - a 50 minute relaxing Ferry/Bay Cruise from Napa area back to San Francisco (which totally avoids traffic coming home). This tour is truly unbelievable from the expert narration from their Wine Country Guides to the great wineries they visit. At only $99 per person, plus tasting fees (we highly recommend this unique tour). Tour Highlights include: Andretti Winery,V. Sattui Winery (Picnic Lunch Included), Franciscan Estate Winery and White Hall Lane (Winery Tour included) and a unique Ferry/Bay Cruise to the San Francisco that completely avoids going home traffic.

Highest Rated Wine Country TourWine YardWine Yard GrapesWine Country

Napa Experience Tour w/ Robert Mondavi Winery

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Premium Muir Woods Hiking TourNapa Experience Tour w/ Robert Mondavi Winery
Only the Wine Country Tour Shuttle visits the great Robert Mondavi winery for guests traveling from San Francisco. Just like the Wine Country Tour Shuttles regular tour, this tour boasts: Ferry/Bay Cruise, 4 winery stops and a picnic lunch in Napa Valley. The difference with this tour is that Robert Mondavi winery is a guaranteed stop. Tour Highlights Include: Start from San Francisco Ferry Building, Robert Mondavi Winery, Andretti Winery, Folie a Deux Winery and Franciscan Estate Winery. Finally, the tour ends with a 50-minute relaxing bay cruise that completely avoids going home traffic.

Highest Rated TourRobert Mondavi WineryAndretti WineryFranciscan Winery

Muir Woods Tours

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Muir Woods ToursMuir Woods Tour w/ Ferry Bay Cruise
This Muir Woods Tour is the only Redwood Tour that uses a Separate Tour Guide from Driver and stays longest in Muir Woods (90 minutes). This tour is also unique in that it goes to Marin Headlands (see below) to see the most majestic views of the Golden Gate Bridge (a very rare stop). You will also go to Sausalito, Muir Beach Overlook and a 25-minute Ferry/Bay Cruise. Tour Itinerary: Ferry Building, Marin Headlands, Sausalito, Muir Woods (90-minutes), Muir Beach Overlook, Ferry/Bay Cruise, End at the Ferry Building. We highly recommend this Muir Woods tour because of its unique Muir Woods tour stops. This San Francisco Tour to Muir Woods is probably the best in town! (Muir Woods is only 20 minutes away!)

Highest Rated TourMuir WoodsMuir WoodsMuir Woods

Premium Muir Woods Hiking Tour

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Premium Muir Woods Hiking TourPremium Muir Woods Hiking Tour
The Premium Muir Woods Hiking Tour is a downhill hike (the only one of its kind) that gives you 2 full hours in Muir Woods (the longest time from any other tour company). This is by far the most creative way into Muir Woods National Park where you start where you can see the Pacific Ocean in the distance and then down you go to the bottom where you feel the mist and see creeks, trails and Coastal Redwoods along the way. This tour bypasses all of the touristy areas to get to the real adventurous part of Muir Woods. Funny thing is you will see people walking up the same trail that you are walking down! You will immediately become so grateful you chose our downhill Muir Woods tour than huffing it uphill.

Highest Rated TourFerry BuildingMuir national parkMuir Woods

Muir Woods San Francisco City Tours

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Muir Woods Time-Saver Tour: Muir Woods / San Francisco City Tour
The Most Comprehensive Time-Saver Tour in San Francisco. 13 Tour Stops! This tour makes so many off-the-shuttle San Francisco Tour stops and Muir Woods Tour stops that you will need the best shoes around. This 8 hour tour provides plenty of action. A Ferry/Bay Cruise that goes right by Alcatraz, Muir Woods (90-minutes), two guided walks: Chinatown and Lombard Street, and the best tour guide narrative. You will also spend 1 hour in Sausalito for lunch, shopping and exploring. When this time-saver tour is done - - you will be asking for more - we guarantee it. This tour saves you $9 per person when combined with the SF city tour. Instead of paying $128 for both tours on separate days -- only pay $119 for Adults and do them in one day!

Shuttle ServiceMuir WoodsAlcatraz

Muir Woods / SF City / Wine Country Combo Tours

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Muir WoodsCombo Tour: Save $13 Per Person
(SF City / Wine Country / Muir Woods)

Take San Francisco City Tour and the Wine Country Tour Shuttle and the Muir Woods Shuttle Tour in just 2 days and save $13 per person when you book them here. 17 Tour Stops in 2 days when you take this combo. The Muir Woods San Francisco City Tour Time-Saver has 13 Tour Stops and the Wine Country Tour Shuttle has 4 Premium Napa Valley Winery Stops. All 3 of these tours use a Separate Tour Guide from Driver and do not use those larger motor coaches often seen on San Francisco Tours. You will enjoy the comfort of the smaller shuttles with large San Francisco tour windows.

Monterey Carmel Train Tour

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See MoreMonterey Carmel Train Tours
Taking the Amtrak Train is easily the most unique way to get to Monterey fro San Francisco. Monterey has some of the most spectacular ocean scenery in the world, along with 400 years of fascinating California history. It is also home to an amazing must-see Aquarium. The village of Carmel is a delight to wander in, with fun, odd shops tucked in unexpected places along with the largest concentration of art galleries on the west coast. On this tour you'll find famous golf courses, many quaint fairytale-like cottages, and multi-million-dollar homes. Monterey / Carmel tour gives you plenty of time in both Monterey and Carmel, plus, it includes three short, guided walks led by your Tour Guide.

Yosemite National Park Train Tours

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Yosemite ParkYosemite Park Train Tours
Kids love trains and so do adults. This full day Yosemite National Park Tour by Train, operated by San Francisco Shuttle Tours, is the perfect way to experience some of the most exciting scenery of California from the Train and at Yosemite. Further, when we get to Yosemite Valley Floor, this tour includes a valley floor tour which will include Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, Cathedral Rocks and the 3500ft El Capitan. While you might be thinking about taking a bus tour to Yosemite, we highly recommend you consider the Yosemite Tour by Train because you can get more time in Yosemite Park and a more comfortable ride. Tour highlights include: Comfortable train ride, more time in Yosemite, valley floor tour.

San Francisco Private Tours

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Private ToursSan Francisco Private Tours
You actually save money (in most cases) with a San Francisco Private Tour. Medium to larger sized groups actually enjoy the benefits of a lower price per person for tours of all types when they come in larger numbers. Further, with private tours of San Francisco you really do get first class treatment ranging from 1) A before tour discussion with your tour guide is customary 2) San Francisco hotel pickup and drop-off 3) change the itinerary anyway you wish 4) Include lunch in the overall price of the tour. Basically, whatever you want is our command with a private tour.

Alcatraz Tours

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AlcatrazAlcatraz Tours
San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tours can get Alcatraz Tickets sometimes even at last minute, and we can arrange these for guests who buy our 5 our Premium City Tour (9am).

Must See & Do in
San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge
1) Take the San Francisco City Tour

Look for SF city tours that offer more stops and visit more than the most known landmarks in San Francisco.

We recommend the SF Shuttle premium City Tour with Ferry!

Wine Country
2) Visit the Wine Country - Don't drive your first time!

We don't recommend drinking and driving thus, we don't recommend renting a car to go to Napa or Sonoma.

Go on a bus tour from San Francisco that visits great wineries and has lots of variety during the tour.

Muir Woods
3) Don't Miss The Redwoods - Go to Muir Woods!

So many people come to San Francisco and fail to visit the Giant California Sequioa Coastal Redwoods at Muir Woods National Park.

We highly recommend this even over Alcatraz Island. Find a bus tour that uses smaller shuttles and visits other surrounding areas in Marin along with Muir Woods.

4) Go to Yosemite by Train instead of Car or Bus

The Yosemite Park Train Tour from San Francisco or Sacramento rocks! It's the coolest way to get to Yosemite.

We highly consider you investigate the train tour versus a regular old bus tour to Yosemite.

5) Buy your Alcatraz Tickets Early

You need to book all Alcatraz tour combos at least 2 weeks in advance. Alcatraz tickets need to be sold as a tour combo.

Be weary of anyone selling tickets solely and not combined.