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Itinerary of Muir Woods Tour:
This Tour is scheduled for 5 hours.
The tour starts at the Ferry Building. Our next destination will be Marin Headlands. The next most awaited destination is the Muir Woods. We avail the customers to spend more time in Muir Woods than any other tours, as to overcome the demands of the customers. The place next to Muir Woods is the overlook of the Muir Beach which is another wonderful place to watch. Next to this is Sausalito, followed by the Ferry Bay Cruise. And at last the journey ends at the starting point i.e. The Ferry Building.
Schedule & Timings of Muir Woods Tour
SF bus tour facility is available throughout the week. Schedule & timings of sf bus tours are as follows: everyday between 8:45 am to 1:45 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:45 pm. This is scheduled according to the timings of the Muir Woods national monument park.
Estimated prices of Muir Woods Tour
The prices estimated for the Muir Woods tour is $65 for Adults and $55 for Children. These prices also include Muir Woods’s entry and Ferry Cruise tickets from Sausalito.
Why visitors should choose us?
1. You will spend more time in Muir Woods than any other tours
2. We provide separate tour guide other than driver
3. Our Muir Woods Tours consist of small group tours
Overview On Muir Woods, San Francisco Tour:
There are wonderful attractions for a Amazing San francisco tours both in the city and close by and the most admired is Muir Woods National Monument. In search of magnificent redwood trees many tourists visit the park every year. One strolling through the attractive paths among these trees can hear them whispering quietly as if they were talking to you or with each other. One can find serenity and peace among these calm giants.
Muir woods is located about Ttwelve miles to the north of the city of San Francisco. You can take either US 101 or California Highway 1. There are winding and steep roads when you enter the canyon which ports this famous Muir Woods National Monument park. The public transportation of San Francisco doesn't serve the park, alternatively many private tour buses are available, one of which is San francisco Shuttle Tours
Muir Beach:
While moving to the entrance of Muir Woods, we have a chance to opt for a diverse road which lay down to Muir Beach. This spectacular seashore offers trekker a chance to rest and continue their journey. Muir Beach is to be viewed either after or before you visit Muir Woods. Gently sloping hills fall toward the marine shoreline, and calm paths travel in many directions around the top of the hills. There is a walkway which will take you towards the seaside area and provides free public parking. The water is very cold for swimming.
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