Remarkable celebrations in San Francisco on July 4th

Friday, July 10, 2009

San Francisco FireworksJuly 4th, a time for merriment for the people of US to celebrate their independence day.It marks the event of US being liberated from the Kingdom of Great Britain in the year 1776.Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States and is celebrated with traditions such as fireworks, carnivals, barbecues, poltical speeches etc.

Specially in San Francisco Bay Area, a visitor was delighted with several events that occurred there.The celebrations kicked off on 3rd July itself with a spectacular fireworks that was hosted in Bodega Bay.

An exciting event which occurred was the tug of war which was held in Bolinas and Stinson Beach.This is one event which is held annually and looked forward by a lot of the visitors.A unique opportunity was also provided for many,a day of free fishing for all those who were willing to try out something different.And this was one of the best chances to try out their fishing skills.What more..a tutorial which exposed abundant information as well as guidelines on catching crabs was also held in the Bay Area!

The most spectacular event in San Francisco was held at Pier 39 which began at around 1 pm with live activity, foodstuff and enjoyment, concluded by the Firework's display in the night.At the Shoreline Amphitheatre, the symphony which was held was conducted by guest artists Stephanie Harwood as well as George Takei of Star Trek Stunning fireworks which was set to nationalistic songs concluded the Symphony


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