Comprehensive Itinerary of Muir Woods Shuttle Tours

Monday, December 28, 2009

Muir woods national monument is a unit of national park service located 11 miles north of the golden gate bridge. It is located in Marin county California, a fantastic place to enjoy the ride through the largest urban national park islands and a short drive to the north of San Francisco. The Muir woods national monument is cool, shaded and moist year round. It is the first national monument created in urban setting to enable easy access for the people. Muir woods is a old grown coastal redwood forest that offers lodging/camping, activities like hiking and biking and even weddings are allowed with proper permit from the monument.

Ferry Building
Let's start our Muir woods tour by initiating from ferry building. It is a terminal place for ferries to travel across the San Francisco.

Marin Headlands
Marin headlands is a unique hilly area in Golden Gate National Recreation Area that covers various types of histories from Miwok Indians to military including historic fort Barry and fort cronkhite, the Nike missile site and the 150 year old point Bonita lighthouse. It is located at southernmost end of Marin county California just north of golden gate bridge. Other attractions include hiking trails, dog friendly rodeo beach and stunning views of bay area and golden gate bridge.

Muir Woods
Next to Marin headlands, the shuttle moves on to Muir woods. It is the only tour that takes a long time.

Muir Beach
Next in the itinerary, we have a look at Muir beach. An excellent place located in California about 3 km from the entrance to Muir woods national monument. Muir beach is about 1000 feet long and 200 feet wide with coarse sand and large boulders. Parking facilities are available at the beach. People can enjoy their pleasure in the beach.

Following the list we move on to Sausalito, a San Francisco bay area city located in Marin county California United States. it is a world renowned for the Mediterranean flair and breathtaking views, hospitality, hotels and retorts.

Ferry Bay Cruise
Ferry bay cruise is the nicest itinerary in the tour that the ferry goes right by Alcatraz to get back to the ferry building. It is a great place from where we start our tour.

The tour ends at the ferry building.

Muir Woods Tour Itinerary:

Start at: The Ferry Building
Marin Headlands
Muir Woods (longest time than any other tour)
Muir Beach Overlook
Ferry/Bay Cruise (by Alcatraz) to Ferry Building
End at: The Ferry Building


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