Are you a newbie for a trip to San Francisco?
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Is this your first trip to San Francisco?
- Here is the Checklist for you
San Francisco is one of the world's most enchanting tourist destinations, and San Francisco is what makes most America proud. San Francisco is renowned for its picturesque scenery and several landmark tourist spots including the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz Island, cable cars, Victorian architecture, notable landmarks, diverse city neighborhoods, and a lot more.
Golden Gate Bridge
There is no denying that your San Francisco tour can be a disaster if there is no proper planning. To wholly enjoy your San Francisco tour and see all the places that are worthy of being seen and not wastefully fritter away your money, you should do your homework and prepare a checklist in advance.
With so many attractive spots to see in San Francisco, planning a sightseeing trip - particularly for a newbie can be a quite overwhelming. The first thing you need to know is about the San Francisco weather as it may be unwise reaching there totally unaware of the likely chillness.
Next you should decide in advance where to stay and ensure the expenses are within your budget limits. The San Francisco Bay Area has a complete range of accommodations, from star hotels for the more affluent traveler, to moderately priced motels to families on a tight budget.
Shuttle Tours
You must identify your right accommodations by location, price range, and services offered. The most convenient areas in the city for staying are Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf. It is best to avoid areas that may be seemingly popular but inconvenient and noisy and compelling you to hire a car to get around. You can get some truly bargain offers with some of San Francisco's best hotels, if you do prior planning.
Please bear in mind that San Francisco is a compact area and almost all the tourist sights are well-knit and fairly close to one another. Avoid hiring a car as you will learn to your horror that quite a few hotels charge astronomical sums for parking. It is recommended that you use public transportation or taxis, and rent a car strictly for just a day when you wish to take a side trip.
It will be safe to make advance reservations for Alcatraz Island as there will be a near scramble for Alcatraz tours. Preferably reserve online, or go to the ticket office the very first day of your landing to avoid disappointment.
Alcatraz Island
Picking the right tour guide is necessary if you are planning a guided tour. Do not opt for the obvious choices as their tours are restrictive and quite often ill-conceived and dissatisfactory. Instead, choose free walking tour with city guides or at best hire a local company to take you on a private tour. Though the private tour may costs more, it is worth the money.
Pay due attention to your food intake as consuming any strange food with local flavor can mean an upset stomach that can completely ruin your San Francisco holiday. Do not choose the many widely available mediocre Fisherman's Wharf restaurants - however tempting they may seemingly appear. Ask your hotel for guidance, or casually stop a local San Franciscan on the street and ask him/her for suggestions.

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