Lovely Alcatraz tours in San Francisco
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Lovely Alcatraz tours in San Francisco
There are many tours that you can undertake with us when you are touring San Francisco. The Alcatraz tours are one of our most popular tours available on our website. The Alcatraz tours are most famous because of the obvious prison that is located in the bay area. This island has become one of the most famous tourist attractions because of the many legends and myths that are attached to it. The island used to serve as a prison for 29 years which held some of the most dangerous criminals of the country. However the prison had to close down because of the cost of upkeep that was higher than any other prisoner in the country. Also the salt water erosion has caused the buildings to become severely damaged and was hard to be maintained.
Alcatraz Tour
The pollution that was being caused by the prison into the sea was another factor for it being closed down. With the prison being closed the fascination that was associated with the prison did not. Even when the prison was active visitors would peek into the prison using telescopes. Therefore as soon as the prison closed down and the inmates were shifted elsewhere, the prison soon generated tourist interest and it was soon open for the tourists. Thousands of tourists as expected immediately flocked to the prison and this soon became a popular tourist spot. Today this place is one of the major tourist attractions and we have many tours that will take you around the Alcatraz Island.
Apart from the prison which itself is a historic building, the island is noted for its flora and fauna. You will find many different kinds of birds on the island. The island has become a bird sanctuary with many rare birds being spotted there. It has also become a birdwatchers paradise. Also there are different kinds of greenery that can be found on the island. The island has become protected under the national register of historic places and there is much to see in and around the island. You can book a tour to this island with us and you can make sure that you get to spend time on the island taking in all the historic value with a full guided tour that would be provided by us. We would also make sure that you have a good value added tour along with the island if you so choose to do so.
There are many tours that you can combine with the Alcatraz tour. This will help you to save money. When you are on a vacation you should do the best you can to make use of all the tours available so that you can see almost everything there is to see in San Francisco. With us, you will be able to do just that as we have handpicked tours that will help ensure that you have the best of times while you are on your vacation to San Francisco. Contact SF Tours via our website for more details.

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